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Does your child struggle with reading or writing or spelling or comprehension?
Why wait till the new school year?

Take action these school holidays with our READING TUTORING program which will help your child BE ready to enter the new grade with ease and confidence!

This program is also design to BENEFIT children with dyslexia, concentration concerns, and learning delays.

With a FREE assessment, you can start immediately with the first 10 sessions!
Our tutoring sessions run mornings and afternoons.

Your child’s reading success is a top priority, and we do everything we know to help your child succeed!

Our tutoring Centre is in Lake Cathie.

Call us 0422 029 084 for a free assessment and LET your child SUCCEED this YEAR!

January Holiday’s FAST TRACK Reading Program TUTORING. DOWNLOAD NOW!

To download an application form CLICK HERE

Learn to Read Tutoring

Is your child struggling to read?
There is nothing more debilitating and frustrating for a child when they know they are struggling with reading silent and oral reading- handwriting and writing sentences – comprehension- understanding what is read – and spelling ….

Children will emotionally withdraw from participating in a classroom situation for the fear of being ridiculed…getting something ‘wrong’ and to be honest that is a natural protective behaviour we have all experienced.

We know from experience that confidence is a very important feeling to have when children are learning….and confidence is definitely affected when too many mistakes are made….. reading and writing practice are very necessary for most learners……

Perhaps your child is reading at a certain level but struggles to decode words or cannot fully comprehend what they are reading. Oral reading, decoding words, comprehending what is read, spelling and handwriting are all interrelated!

So what is truly needed is to go back to the BASICS…..and this is easily done… Maybe all that is required is that your child can connect the dots for themselves….

Here at “Learn to READ Made Easy” we utilise a multisensory reading program that starts from scratch. For example we look to see how your child is pronouncing graphemes ( the name of the vowels and consonants) and phonemes ( the sounds – both short and long sounds of the vowels and consonants)
The reading program is highly effective for emergent, dyslexic and struggling readers.
Sometimes children have just picked up bad habits as a way of coping to read during the learning to read process and it is now impacting their spelling and writing….
This is easily sorted out….it really is. Once children know the HOW they get it!
We start from scratch and along with my teaching reading experience (45 years) I can assist your child create NEW READING HABITS to success.

You know most of our students right now are children who have personally asked me if I can help them with reading- or spelling…

A mother who had spent hundreds of dollars on therapy for her children, has actually noticed a significant improvement in her child’s writing skills since coming to us….
What we are doing is WORKING!
So how do you go about finding out more about our Learn To Read TUTORING program?

Call us to BOOK for a free assessment to see how we can best assist your child.
It will be necessary for a parent to be present in the session so that they can observe the process.

We then plan a tutoring schedule to best suit the needs of your child.

One to two 30 minute sessions are required per week. Most of our students are doing very well on 30 minutes per week.

The children will get a few hours of reading practice at home per week. This is simple to do, as we know repetition is key and good practice.

The Tutoring hours can vary from before school (mornings from 7am to 8.30am) and after school (from 3pm to 6pm Monday and Tuesday) as well as Saturday Mornings (from 9am to 12 noon)

Building confidence in your child with small successes has an empowering effect on your child, we have witnessed a special look in their eyes when they finally “ get it”

It is the best look ever!

For more information please call Wanda 0422 029 084

Or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, we do get asked the question, do we teach adults to read ?

The answer to that is a DEFINITE YES we do. Just call us, lets have a chat and get you started!

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