Anise Art

A calming sanctuary for relaxation and a working space to simply create.


Discover the Power of Art that Heals, Relaxes the Mind & Inspires the Soul

Anise Art Spa is the most progressive innovative Art Studio on the South Coast of NSW. Situated in beautiful Lake Cathie, Anise Art Studio  is a large ‘hands on’ creative working space

It is a creative sanctuary for anyone who wishes to explore their unique creative potential or find their true creative self.

By tapping into your creative self you will benefit mind body and soul. While engaging in creative activity you are designing a new direction for yourself while having fun and connecting with others.

Our Vision and Mission

Anise Art Spa is dedicated to the transformation of every person who wishes to better their life and find their direction through heart-centered creativity.

It is our aim be the BEST Art Studio in Australia in teaching Visual Arts and the importance of the link between the art, heart-centered creativity and Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit.

As an integral Wellness Centre for heart centered creativity and healing, we are always aiming to achieving excellence and aesthetic appreciation through artistic personal self-expression, the Intuitive process and practice, and the Healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Our Mission is to provide a healing space whereby each individual through the heart centered creative artistic process can transform their lives, and remember who they are, and recognise their full potential as a human being.

Our Purpose

As a home for Soul centered arts and healing, our studio offers engaging educational experiences to enrich and expand the life of our local community and the global community.

Values and Beliefs

We believe that:

Arts and Healing experiences are for everyone.

  • We fuse culture, art history and music together Soul-centered creativity expands minds and hearts, brings people together in ways that create opportunities for true personal self-expression, meaningful conversation and connection.
  • Creativity, innovation, diversity, and spontaneity add value to the work of the Centre and to the life of our community.
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness are at the heart of the Centre’s mission.
  • We ensure you have a wonderful experience, no matter what course or program you are interested in.

Explore Your Creative Self:

We believe that personal self-expression through painting clay building & ceramics, print making, and mixed media.

Children’s, Teens art classes, Adult Therapy classes, adult Art Meditation, and Expansion Retreat Days for Women are available to satisfy the pallet from the beginner to the more advanced artist. We also cater for Creative Corporate Staff functions.  Anise Art starts where you are at, you learn the skills and techniques as you go along….and we let it all unfold!

All art materials are provided for your lesson, so it is so easy for you just to turn up and enjoy the class without the worry of materials and cleaning up!

Be Brave & Bold Creative Self:
We offer Art and Wine/ Champagne Nights, Hen’s Life Drawing classes, Art and High Tea afternoons, and Saturday Art Workshops are specifically designed for adult parties and celebrations. Each come with their unique  ‘create your own” packages.

Discover Your Intuitive Creative Self:
For those sensitive souls who wish to explore their intuitive nature more fully, there are Intuitive art classes available. These courses are designed for you to discover how art can heal, inspire your soul, relax your mind and explore your inner true self.

Develop Your Resilient Creative Self:
Resilience is a powerful word, and in today’s busy world it is easy to get lost, feel anxious and overwhelmed. We all get affected, and children feel it more so as they do not have the skills to effectively verbalise their problems.

We have found some solutions to these problems and have created programs which address the issues of anxiety in a heart centered creative way. These programs are designed for children who suffer with anxiety, social phobias, and mild depression

About Wanda

Wanda is the mastermind behind Anise Art Studio and MetaXsana wellness centre. MetaXsana meaning “ Beyond Brilliant’.

It’s been her dream to bring the healing quality to SOUL-centred creativity to artistic pursuits.

An Arts Educator for more than 40 years, she knows the powerful role of the arts in education, and the calming, centred effect it had on students of all ages while they’re engaged in the creative artistic activities.  She created programs focused on heart and soul ART experiences for those who were terminally ill and their carers, and designed art therapy programs for students suffering grief and loss, as well as anxiety and phobias. 

An artist and healer she continues to create programs for foster children to have a beautiful, healing art, meditation wellness session. These classes she does for FREE. She exhibits her Buddha style paintings, and her workshops and classes are always full. Her art students stay with her for many years as she mentors their creativity so that they too can become artists, teachers and assertive problem solvers in their chosen careers.

Her legacy is teaching her grand children to be their best creative self…..but she does that with everyone!

Our Products

We have a small range of art supplies available for you to purchase ranging from acrylic paint, canvases, painting mediums, drawing materials and paint brushes. In the coffee shop you can peruse our art history books, purchase arty Knick knacks, or consider buying a painting or sculpture for your home. Better still create something yourself!

Our Partners and Sponsors

We are proud to welcome local businesses and companies who wish support our mission to assist those who want to better their lives, make a difference in their own lives and for others. Looking after our children Mind Body and Soul ensuring they get the best creative education is one of the greatest gifts we are passionate to offer.

Our Staff

Our staff will ensure you have a wonderful experience in our healing arts studio and will help with your needs. If you are enrolled in any of our courses which includes light refreshments, please ensure to let our staff know if you have specific dietary requirements. A reminder to that we have wheel chair access throughout the studio, the coffee shop and a healing room.

Who is anise art?
Anise Art is one Big CREATIVE working Space!

This is a calming sanctuary for relaxation and a working space to simply create.

Established in 2009 at the Werri Beach Progress Hall in Gerringong our art classes began. Those students continued to attend her classes even when she moved to Kiama later in 2012 naming her business Anise Art Studio after a young student who she was counseling passed away.

Her art students have become artists, therapists, teachers, creative thinkers & on line entrepreneurs in their own right!

Now in 2019, she moved to Lake Cathie to be closer to her grandchildren and her son. She’s started all over again!

This time she has created a ‘Wellness Centre’ in which Anise Art Studio is part.

The wellness Centre provides alternative treatments/activities:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Kinesiology
  • Reiki and Meditation Classes
  • Various healing therapies
  • Massage and AromaTouch with therapeutic Essential Oils

Art Programs

  • Art classes for kids and adults.
  • Art Meditation classes
  • Hen’s Art Spas
  • Expansion Day Retreats for women
  • Creative classes in the studio

We have lots to offer and so why not come along for one lesson and see if it’s for you! You never know you might find ‘You’re Amazing’!

Anise Art Studio

Shop 1 / 1661 Ocean Drive
Lake Cathie NSW 2445