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A calming sanctuary for relaxation and a working space to simply create.

Children’s Art Classes for all ages and skill development.

"A work of Art is above all a process of Creation”
Paul Klee

Nurturing the Creative Child

Every child is born creative. Before children start to write they draw their world spontaneously and with enthusiasm! It is our mission and vision to nurture the creative child within providing creative experiences and artistic pursuits so that their own art making can develop and be fully expressed. Children today are part of a highly visual world. It is our role as Arts Educators to ensure that our students are empowered to make sense of the symbolic interpretation of our visual world as well as explore its depths and meanings.

Our long time students have often said to us,” We learn more that Art. Wanda shows us how to relax, and have confidence in ourselves, and feel good about what we do.”


Art has a way of touching children deeply which no other subject can do... Learning how to be creative through ART opens up a whole new world of possibility! Our classes explore all possible outcomes and teaches our students to be confident problem solvers as well as learn to become fully self expressed. Confidence and allowing children to express their deep inner knowing is something we encourage here because we believe it supports them to respect for their own guidance.

Proven Learning Methods

We use the look- FEEL- think- do  learning method where the students experience directly from using their own intuition and ideas, teacher suggestions,  teacher demonstration, personal experimentation, and technological intervention.  The artistic process therefore allows the child to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge, skills, understandings, problem solving abilities, and creative thinking, and then reflecting upon their own performance and create the next step in their art making…and learning NEW skills as they go!

What We Teach

We are inclusive of all the forms of ART and encourage our students to explore oil and acrylic painting, watercolour, drawing, mixed media, sculptures, ceramics and clay building, mosaic, textile and design, simple print making, photography, and graphic design. In addition we use high quality art materials paints and brushes, and art tools, which are vitally important to creating high quality art works.

Sequential Learning

Our students start where they are at. Our individualised programs enables your child to start where they are mentally, emotionally and technically. We develop their artistic and creative skills step by step, building a healthy repertoire of artistic knowledge, language, and innovative problem solving opportunities. We encourage individual approaches to art practice in order for students to develop their unique style. This is achieved by exploring several different Art practice methods that are fun, and at times challenging.

Art as Relaxation and Meditation

For a long time now, Arts research recognises the positive effect creative experiences has on the mind body and soul. We have noticed a significant increase in our student’s confidence levels and ability to take risks with their art, without the fear of making mistakes.

In a world that is fast paced like today, we encourage our students to use their art time as relaxation. Our studio is a relaxing sanctuary appealing to all the senses. The music played in the background of the art classes is varied sounds from all cultures and traditions, and essential oils diffusing enables the children to relax and become connected with their artwork.

Social Interaction and Connection

The children get to know other children in their art class. While students are different ages in the art class, the learning is more effective as we cater for each child.  Artistic conversation is encouraged and positive feedback from class members and teachers is always a must. Children learn to provide critiques about art styles and techniques in an incidental manner, and are encouraged to participate in art exhibitions, our own as well as others, in order to foster a healthy appreciation of the Arts. Children are encouraged to visit various Art exhibitions local and state to see how real artists live and express in the world. They learn how to develop their passion for Art and express themselves with confidence. Now isn’t that what learning is all about?


Each class has a variety of ages. This is because we believe that there a significant benefits for all children to relate and lean from each other! The majority of children who start in our art studio tend to stay with us for many years. This is because our individualised Art Education programs enable them to develop their skills at their pace, have FUN while they are learning, and accept of the challenges that at times artistic problem solving brings. We encourage our children not only to explore various artistic styles and techniques, but develop their own personal artistic tastes and repertoire.

Art Class Timetable

Classes are available for school children 5 years and over. Unfortunately we do not offer classes for children still at preschool. For 5 year olds we recommend attendance at one art class to see if your child can maintain a certain level of attention. Our classes are kept to a maximum of 15 students, where children receive individual attention they would not normally attain in a school classroom environment.

  • Tuesday
  • 3pm-6pm
  • Wednesday
  • 3pm-6pm
  • Thursday
  • 3pm-6pm

The Thursday Master Class for advanced painters and teens only.
Kids Art Birthday parties are available on request.
Adults FREESTYLE Art Workshops are held Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12 noon.

Still have questions about our Kids Classes? Visit our FAQ's page

Art Fees

Children’s art classes are currently set at $35 per 1.5 hour class. This includes usage of all art materials, afternoon tea and art tuition. This class is what previous students have termed “ real art”. We really do cater for each childs desire to create their own individual art project. We do not teach in bulk.

Should a child miss a class, they can make it up on another day. For more information about our refund policy and missed classes please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS.

Holiday art classes vary in price depending upon the activity and materials required and are individually priced.

Art Fees are paid via direct deposit, EFTPOS, or internet banking. A 10 week term is $350 per term. There is a 10% reduction for siblings.

Creative Kid’s Voucher

We are providers for the Creative Kid Vouchers, a NSW Intiiative where you gain a $100 voucher for your child. Click the link and apply on line. - This is a one time per year offer.


For new students it is highly recommended to attend the first art class and just pay the for the first class. All our students have the very first art class for an intro offer of $30! Should our studio not be a fit for your child and visa versa, then nothing is lost at both ends.


If you decide to enrol your child (ren) in our studio classes and courses, we must have the following in place:

  • A Completed Enrollment Form on application
  • Photographs of your child permission
  • Payment for the first class


We believe in safe practice, and this includes dropping and collecting your children. It is highly recommended that when visiting us for the first time you park your car on the grass area to the right of the studio. Under no circumstances are you permitted to park your car where the witches hats are placed on the drive way to the studio. However on rainy days, we do permit the children to walk to your car on the curb side of the studio driveway.

During wet and windy weather, children are required to use the back door entrance to the studio as both garage doors will be closed. Over the years we notice this is best safe practice.

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