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Painting Skills for Absolute Total Beginners

Hello there beautiful Arty Beginner!

I often hear adults say to me “Oh, how I would love to learn to paint.. but I just cannot do it!”

or I hear, “ I want to find an art class that let’s me paint how I want to paint, and not follow the teacher all the time”

Or I hear… “ I want to be free to explore my creativity”

Does this sound like you?

The good news is I know I can help you! So you are in good hands.

I can teach you all you are willing to learn about painting and have you step into the fun and joy, free personal self expression…. because I show the techniques and skills as you go in such an easy way that painting becomes easy for you.

Welcome to Painting for Absolute Total Beginners Workshops Series!

This is an art experience where you DON’T have to know anything about art- and I prefer it that way!

I have created a two week beginner mini painting course! In these classes you will learn how to work with acrylic paints and other interesting fun painting media.

We will teach you how to use a wide variety of painting materials and mediums so that you create the painting you really want to see on your wall! We believe in individuality, and you finding your own way through painting.

Our two week painting mini course is enough time for you to complete one canvas artwork which opens you to the world of paint and also you can make an informed decision whether painting is for you.

Either way, you will be happy with your creation.

My experience as an arts educator for many years has taught me that once you have the materials, tools, skills and techniques under your belt you become limitless in possibilities!!

Our adult art classes are currently held every Wednesday. Our motto is RELAX- PLAY- CREATE and we really encourage you to step into utilizing your painting time to relax, and just enjoy the whole process of being led into the painting process.

Our painting classes are held every Wednesday at 10am to 12pm. It does not matter what skill level you have, and there is no need to bring anything as all materials are included in the price.

To book with us please call the studio, and if you want to have a “sticky Beak” by all means pop in while class is on!

In our Absolute Beginner’s Art Classes YOU will learn how to paint from scratch!

Here is a very simple explanation of the mini course

In workshop 1

You will discover how to:

  • select an idea for your painting
  • prepare the canvas with primer
  • learn wet on wet technique painting
  • learn how to draw, or copy from a projection
  • learn how to how to blend, shade and tone using acrylic paints

In workshop 2

You will learn through demonstration to:

  • add details to your painting
  • use various tools, brushes and implements to create
  • textural effects and glazing…
  • learn how to paint water, clouds and trees!
  • use various mediums to create illuminous/ opaque effects
  • varnish your artwork to completion

Wallah! You have a masterpiece. No one leaves my studio with a dodgy artwork!

The total cost is $99 per person

Included in the price is:

  • one canvas
  • use of all high-quality art materials, brushes & mediums
  • step by step tuition and one on one skill building

For session 1 Please pay a non-refundable deposit $49
(You can reschedule if something out of the ordinary occurs)

Your second payment is due on the first workshop.
This will be $50. This can be paid with Credit card-or cash. We have Eftpos facilities.


Connect with Wanda at the Studio 0422 029 084 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message her on Facebook that you are interested and ready to be extraordinary!

Pay to confirm your booking! Wanda will know when you have paid

Wear comfy clothing, no need to bring anything. Wear a smile cause your LIFE is about to change!

Art Vouchers
Adult Art Beginner Painting vouchers are available at any time, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us on Facebook

Pay your deposit to the following account details to:
BSB: 012-804
ACC: 4740-55855
Reference: Beg Art

Workshops are held at:
Anise Art Creative Wellness
6 Melaleuca Avenue Lake Cathie 2445 NSW
M: 0422 029 084
Ph: 6593-6143

You’ll notice flags out the front of the studio

Parking is not a problem, so please park safely on the street.

We also provide Art Therapy/ Creative Workshops for groups, one on one sessions and Corporate sessions for companies and corporate teams.

Never let an opportunity go by to do something creative for yourself!

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