“A work of Art is above all a process of Creation”

– Paul Klee

Programs developed by professional Arts Educator and artist with 38 years’ experience Wanda Grein

Is your Child always drawing, painting, and finding any way to mold, make and create? Then your child is very creative, and natural creativity needs to be nurtured!

Reasons why your child will benefit from our Art classes!

Nurturing the Creative Child


I believe every child is born creative. Before children start to write they draw their world spontaneously and with enthusiasm! It is our mission and vision to nurture the creative child within each of our students, providing creative experiences and artistic pursuits so that their own art making can develop and be fully expressed. Children today are part of a highly visual world. It is our role as Arts Educators to ensure that our students are empowered to make sense of the symbolic interpretation of our visual world as well as explore its depths and meanings.

Proven Learning Methods


We combine best practices in both primary and secondary education as well as what is taught for teachers programs at the tertiary level. We use the look- think- do learning method where the students learn hands on from live teacher demonstration, personal experimentation, and technological intervention. The multiple ways of thinking that are needed to engage in the processes or artistic and creative exploration are relevant for all human endeavors. The artistic process therefore allows the child to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge, skills, understandings, problem solving abilities, and creative thinking, and then reflecting upon their own performance and create the next step in their art making. We also encourage our students to utilise their natural intuitive qualities and use it in their art making. We go by the saying ‘there are NO mistakes in art’. We are about process and personal self-expression and experimentation and not about the end product!

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What We Teach


We are inclusive of all the forms of ART and encourage our students to explore oil and acrylic painting, watercolour, drawing, mixed media, sculptures, ceramics and clay building, mosaic, textile and design, simple print making, photography, and graphic design. In addition we use high quality art materials paints and brushes, and art tools, which is vitally important to creating high quality art works. Our studio is well resourced and we use digital technology to enhance the artistic process.

Sequential Learning


Our students start where they are at. No experience necessary. The only requirement is passion and enthusiasm. Our individualised programs enables your child to start where they are at mentally, emotionally and technically. We develop their artistic and creative skills step by step, building a healthy repertoire of artistic knowledge, language, and innovative problem solving opportunities. We encourage individual approaches to art practice in order for students to develop their unique style. This is achieved by exploring several different Art practice methods that are fun, and at times challenging.

Art as Relaxation, and Meditation


For a long time now, Arts research recognizes the positive effect being involved in creative experiences has on the mind body and soul. We have noticed a significant increase in our student’s confidence levels and ability to take risks with their art, without the fear of making mistakes. In a world that is fast paced like today, we encourage our students to use their art time as relaxation. Our studio is a relaxing sanctuary appealing to all the senses. The music played in the background of the art classes is varied sounds from all cultures and traditions, and with scented candles burning around a Buddha Statue enables the children to relax and become connected with their artwork.

Social Interaction and Connection


The children get to know other children in their art class. While students are different ages in the art class, the learning is more effective as we cater for each child. Artistic conversation is encouraged and positive feedback from class members and teachers is always a must. Children learn to provide critiques about art styles and techniques in an incidental manner, and are encouraged to participate in art exhibitions, our own as well as others, in order to foster a healthy appreciation of the Arts. Children are encouraged to visit various Art exhibitions local and state to see how real artists live and express in the world. They learn how to develop their passion for Art and express themselves with confidence. Now isn’t that what learning is all about?

Progressive Arts Education


The majority of children who start in our art studio tend to stay with us for many years. This is because our individualized Art Education programs enable them to develop their skills at their pace, have FUN while they are learning, and accept of the challenges that at times artistic problem solving brings. We encourage our children not only to explore various artistic styles and techniques, but develop their own personal artistic tastes and repertoire.

Art Class Times


Classes are available for school children aged 5 years and above. Unfortunately we do not offer classes for children still at preschool. For 5 year olds we recommend attendance at one art class to see if your child can maintain a certain level of attention to a task at a time. Our classes are kept to a maximum of 18 students, where children receive individual attention they would not normally attain in a school classroom environment. There are two instructors assisting the students during each class.

A reminder that children work on their own desired art projects. They have the choice to either paint using various painting mediums and print making. Children can also explore mixed media design, drawing with various drawing mediums such as charcoal, oil pastels and chalk pastels. Sculpture, clay building and ceramics is usually conducted in the cooler months term 2 and 3.

The children develop their skill repertoire as they go and techniques are demonstrated and taught on an individual basis.

Art Fees

Art fees

Children’s art classes starting 6 February 2018 will be $37.50 per child for a 1.5 hour class. There are reduced rates for siblings $75.00 per 2 siblings. Art Fees can be paid per Term Invoices sent to your email address. There will also be an Efpos option, PayPal or direct deposit. A 10 week art term is $375 for a ten week term.

Included in the art sessions is afternoon tea and an icecream or iceblock. This is a little mini break for them to connect with the other children in the class. Sometimes we have pizza parties. If your child has dietary concerns please let us know this.

For new students, it is highly recommended to attend the first art class with only one lesson payment is required, to see if they feel comfortable in the Artistic environment. From there payment arrangements can be made if they decide to stay on for the term.

How to Enrol


If you are interested in enrolling your child in our programs please click here

Should we have a place for your child(ren) in our programs we will contact you by email. This email is important because when we offer a place for your child, your next step is to complete the ENROLMENT APPLICATION FORM, and a payment of the first lesson $ 37.50 to confirm your booking. If your child wishes to stay for the term, then you will be sent an invoice to for the rest of the term. We request you pay your invoices on time. If there are special circumstances regarding payment please call the studio 02 4233 2297.

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