Have you ever wanted to know HOW to paint with watercolours paints and gouache, or draw with charcoal, or how to create different tones and textures using oil and chalk pastels? Well let me tell you there are very simple skills that you can learn. When you learn and practice these skills you will be able to do create anything with any art medium.

I have been teaching art for nearly 40 years (oh my gosh!) and I know that when you learn the specific techniques and skills associated with any art medium step by step through DEMONSTRATION and PRACTICE your own understanding and desire to create becomes a whole lot easier!

One of the reasons why many adults shy away from expressing themselves creatively is because they were never taught the HOW TO of art skills. That is the truth! On top of that their own teachers probably commented that they were not good at Art. It is highly likely the teachers lacked art skills themselves! Back then it was not questioned.

When you were young, you believed what others said about you. If your teacher stated you were not creative it became a belief about yourself. To be honest YOU believed a lie! Back then it was a ‘given’ that you were either creative or not. I know that I was not taught art skills at school!

I have spent many long hours creating Art Skills programs for schools and universities, so I know what procedures and teaching methods work BEST for every learner.

This workshop format is for adults with a desire to explore Art Skills in a supportive relaxed environment with an expert Arts Educator. You will learn how to apply these basic skills in so many ways that you will become confident to try anything!

Every workshop is priced at $85. This includes the cost of the tuition, use of all art materials, morning tea, a FREE Gift ( a surprise) to utilise in each workshop, morning tea and a FREE Essential Oil sample ( this is amazing too).
All workshops must be prepaid prior to workshop commencement date. Please read our Terms and Conditions so you are aware of our policies regarding refunds.

During each workshop you will receive a number of easy to follow worksheets so that you can remember what you did in the art class as a bonus!

STEP BY STEP Art Skills for the Complete Beginner 2018 Schedule

FRIDAY February 9: Watercolour Art Skills Step By Step Workshop


Learn how to effectively paint and create with watercolours mediums, and learn the 6 skills and techniques of watercolour painting by demonstration and practice. You will understand how to use the taklon paint brushes for a specific technique. You will then be taken step by step HOW TO create a water colour landscape from scratch that will enable you to paint your own landscapes and seascapes at home or on location. As a bonus in this workshop I will also demonstrate how you can use watercolour pencils, and pens to enhance your water colour musings. You will receive a FREE set of 12 Taklon painting brushes.

In this workshop you will learn and understand the tools required for great drawings, which pencils to use for specific effects, and more. You will learn the 8 specific skills necessary to create great drawings, and how to recognise these skills in other drawings. I will demonstrate the continuous line technique, how to use charcoal carefully, and how to draw and create a still life drawing from scratch using the specific skills just taught. Be prepared to be amazed! You will receive a FREE set of three effective drawing pencils.

FRIDAY March 2: DRAWING Art Skills Step By Step Workshop


FRIDAY April 6: Soft Chalk Pastel Art Skills Step By Step Workshop


There is a real ART to learning how to use chalk or soft pastels. It is an amazing medium that’s versatile and so easy to use. There are specific skills and papers you will explore and play with. You will also learn how to blend like an expert, and then be shown which products to use like fixatives so that your artwork remains colourful and beautiful. You will create a delicious seascape from scratch so that you can practice at home. I will also advise which soft pastels are best for you and you can purchase them from the studio. You will receive a FREE sampler of paper types for use with soft pastels.

In this fantastic workshop I will demonstrate how you can use watercolours to recreate the images based on the Japanese artistic tradition. You will learn how to manipulate the taklon brush to create techniques that look super professional. We will also explore how watercolour and black ink is used in the Japanese cartooning tradition named Etegami. It is known as Japanese Postcard Art. It is a fun art form where one can be spontaneous, honest, and personal without being self-obsessed. You will further develop your skill in water colour and also learn a new carefree painting and drawing technique to use for your own personal art to delight family and friends! Bring your taklon brushes with you! Pre requisite having completed Workshop 1 is an advantage.

FRIDAY May 4: Watercolour & Black Ink Art Skills Step By Step Workshop


June 1: Oil Pastels Art Skills Step By Step Workshop

Oil pastels has always been one of my favourite drawing and painting mediums because it is so versatile and forgiving. In this workshop you will learn the 8 specific skills how to use the oil pastels to their advantage. You will also complete a scene from one of the modern painters Diego Riviera or Frida Kahlo. I will demonstrate the whole process to you step by step utilizing the 8 skills taught to you at the beginning of the lesson. In this particular class I will demonstrate how to mount your artwork in different ways effectively.



I loved the watercolour workshop especially learning how to create different tones of colour, and maximizing use of the taklon watercolour brushes! It was a very relaxing class- and I cannot wait for the next one, wahoo! Thank you, Wanda.

– Claire Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the workshops held?

Anise Art Studio Kiama
19 Coachwood Street Kiama
E: wanda@aniseart.com
M: 0422 029 084
Ph: 02 4233 2297

How long are the workshops and what time do they workshops start?

Each workshop is a 3 hour workshop.
We start promptly at 10am and finish promptly at 1pm. We have a little break for mid morning tea 🙂

What will I receive for my payment?

All art materials provided except an A3 Visual Arts Diary
A FREE gift of specific materials associated with the workshop choice.
Refreshments provided (Balinese Ginger Tea, Herbal Teas)
Bring your own lunch/ snacks
An Essential Oil Blend sample just for you

Is there anything I need to bring?

The only prerequisite is an A3 Visual Arts Diary. You can buy these in K Mart, News Agents, House to Home, and Discount Shops like The Reject Shop. Please make sure you bring your own lunch and snacks.

What should I wear?

Chasual Clothing please.

What are the Anise Art Studio’s Terms and Conditions?


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